Self motivations and Personal Effectiveness

Critical Areas 

  • Time management and work planning
  • Problem solving
  • decision making and conflict management
  • Creativity
  • innovation and personal effectiveness

Personal Effectiveness

Time management and work plans, problem solving and effective decision making is what drives and organisation achievements

• Achieving better results through effective planning & clarifying of objectives.
• Spending more time on high value tasks.
• Learning to say ‘No’ to unreasonable requests.
• Effectively planning and organizing of paperwork.
• Gaining a balance between Professional goals and personal time.
• Using time management tools more effectively.
• Applying the Critical Path Network System to estimate time and activities for effective objectives achievement.
• Delegating effectively.
• Discarding a majority of paper that crosses the desk.
• Implementing effective resource management.
• Learning how to prioritize tasks for effective implementation and reduced stress.
• Creating time for play and for the family and friends.
• Gaining a balance between professional goals and personal time.
• Making meetings to work and give results.
• Learning to manage interruptions.
• Motivating others towards desired performance.
• Appreciating stress minimization techniques.
• Effective leadership skills
• Effectively applying problem solving techniques.
• Qualities of effective problem solvers.
• Decision making skills.
• Conflict management – the successful approaches.
• Emotional intelligence
• Developing a learning culture.
• Habits of effective people.
• Personal self development and renewal.
• The multi-disciplinary manager.
• Using PERT, CPA and GANTT charting techniques.

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